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Nostalgic is a clean, beautiful, full width design with a great amount of white space. Ideal for showing off large amounts of products as soon as your customer enters the website.

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Nostalgic Info

A Note from the Author

This design was built using the Foundation CSS Framework and is mobile first, allowing your customers to browse perfectly on all devices.

Three graphical elements have been added to the top of this design; a logo, header banner and slideshow.

The logo is featured at the top center of the website and has an optimal size of 280px by 120px, this can be enabled or disabled within the Theme Editor in your Freewebstore Control Panel.

The header banner is placed underneath the logo area and is disabled at first, however this can also be enabled within the Theme Editor. Use the header banner to add text, images, videos or your own html content.

A large slideshow area dominates this design at a huge 1200px wide so take this into consideration when deciding whether to enable it.

Nostalgic works best with square or portrait style product images and has a great magnifying plugin integrated into the product details page to zoom into your product images.

This design presents a grid system for your featured products, and shows off the first featured product larger than the rest.

Key Features

  • Mobile Optimized
  • Social Media Icons Supported
  • Multiple Language Packs
  • Header Image
  • Graphical Logo
  • Advanced Search
  • Featured Products
  • Offers & Promotions

Banner Areas

Browser Compatibility

  • Internet Explorer 9+
  • Firefox
  • Google Chrome
  • Safari
  • Opera
Nostalgic Mac Display

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