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Catch people’s attention with this warm and feminine design using the large, full width image slider. This mobile optimized design with large images on the product grids makes good use of whitespace, has a well-placed Newsletter feature, and is great for Health and Beauty or Clothing Products.

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A Note from the Author

The main focus of this design on desktops is that large full width slideshow at the very top, which is best served by high quality images with a width of at least 1200px. If you ensure the images are landscape rather than portrait (the width should be 4 or more times greater than the height), then you should have no problem keeping it looking great.

For mobiles, it’s very lean and therefore quick, backed by Twitter Bootstrap you can be confident that it will play well with a vast array of devices. We’ve tried to keep the number of images minimal to aid with speed, so there’s no graphical logo on this design, but that kind of thing can always be integrated into the Slider images and page content, if you like.

Product grids are minimal and uncluttered, again aiding performance and keeping the look very clean.

Key Features

  • Currency Converter Removed
  • Mobile Optimized
  • Social Media Icons Supported
  • Multiple Language Packs
  • Full Width Slideshow
  • Advanced Search
  • Featured Products
  • Offers & Promotions

Banner Areas

Available Banner regions

Browser Compatibility

  • Google Chrome
  • Firefox
  • Microsoft Edge
  • Safari
  • Opera
Elegance Mac Display

Design Review

Fresh-UP Mart
Nice theme