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A simple, yet powerful eCommerce Template to get your webstore up and running.

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Atlas Info

A Note from the Author

Atlas is a brilliant eCommerce website to get your webstore up and running. It’s clean, spacious and provides all the necessary eCommerce elements and features to provide you with a fully functioning online store.

Built using the mobile first technique, your customers will be able to browse your webstore on any device whether that be a small mobile device or a large desktop computer.

Atlas displays the logo in 2 places on mobile devices and 1 on desktop devices. This requires the logo to be 200px in width and 75px in height to give it the best mobile responsiveness.

To increase content and color on the Homepage, Atlas grabs the first 4 category images and displays them as links. We’d recommend uploading category images at around 500px in width and 250px in height for maximum visibility and optimization. Due to the flexibility of Atlas, if category images are not provided it will automatically grab a product image from within that category.

A fully responsive slideshow is available on Atlas and has a recommended width of 1200px and a recommended height of 500px.

Blog images and product images work and look best when they are square – anything above 400px by 400px will display perfectly on Atlas.

Key Features

  • Mobile Optimized
  • Social Media Icons Supported
  • Multiple Language Packs
  • Graphical Logo
  • Soft Add To Cart
  • Advanced Search
  • Featured Products
  • Offers & Promotions

Banner Areas

Available Banner regions

Browser Compatibility

  • Google Chrome
  • Firefox
  • Microsoft Edge
  • Safari
  • Opera
Atlas Mac Display

Design Review

me parece muy bien par mi producto